Remap Resharper Keyboard Shortcuts

I recently spent 20 minutes figuring this out, so hopefully someone googling will be able to figure it out faster.

Using Resharper in Visual Studio 2010, I want to see the implementation of a method way more often than I want to see it’s definition. Ctrl +B will take you to the definition, but if you use lots of interfaces this command is less helpful. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B will take you to the implementation of that method, where the business logic lives.

So here’s how to replace GotoDefinition with GotoImplentation:

  1. Open Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard.
  2. Under “Show commands containing:” type Resharper.Resharper_GotoDefinition. Press the Remove button. Now search for Resharper.Resharper_GotoImplementation and do the same thing.
  3. Under “Press shortcut keys,” press Ctrl + B. Press the Assign button.
  4. If you’d still like a shortcut for GotoDefinition, search again for Resharper.Resharper_GotoDefinition, and follow step 3, this time pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B.
  5. Press OK. You’re all set.
UPDATE: 12/6

A friend Andreas had the following to add:

Just two comments on the key sequence: We’ve actually got a term here in London for the Ctrl + Shift + Alt, because it’s such a mouthful when you’re trying to communicate it to someone who you’re pairing with. We call it (I kid you not) “banana”, cause, you know, the keys are kinda arranged in that shape. So you do occasionally hear people say things like “Banana – B” when coding.

On the topic of bananas – there’s a surprisingly little known shortcut in Resharper. Banana – A over a variable or parameter lets you trace the value origin or destination. So if you’re trying to find out where a parameter actually gets set (or which possible entry points you need to follow), rather than repeatedly following the chains with Alt+F7s or Ctrl-Bs. If you haven’t used it before give it a spin, makes tracing this stuff a lot less tedious.