Git While the Gitting's Good

I saw an opening and I went for it.

After using git-svn for the past 5 months in a desperate attempt to keep my sanity in the face of a massive subversion repository, my team got a greenfield project. I honestly couldn’t help myself. “Ruby! Rails! Git! I’m on it!” So I became our de facto devops guy for a brand spanking new project, tasked with everything from configuring OpenSSH to installing Ruby and Rails on a severely locked down Windows system (many thanks once again to Luis Lavena and Wayne Seguin for making this possible) to learning about TortoiseGit to make our existing ToroiseSVN users feel comfortable.

For Git we’re using a standard SSH provisioning system on a remote repository. But my company does not allow Git on their central servers so our repository is hosted on a flaky VM with no guaranteed backups or failovers. That won’t do. To solve this, I decided to add the entire repository to my existing SVN repository.

Now that we’re official, I want to make sure that I keep backing things up. Here’s a script I adapted from an answer on StackExchange (thanks Robert Massaoli):


cd ..
while [ 1 ]
        svn add –force deployer.git/
        svn commit -m “GRT-0: Autocommitting deployer.git”

        sleep 600