Is It Worth It? Learning Opportunities at General Assembly

I recently was asked an intriguing question via email. A gentleman was considering enrolling in Back End Web Development with Rails at General Assembly. He appealed to me for advice. He learned to code PHP two years ago, has read a couple of books about OOP, and is a regular GitHub contributor. He knows nothing about Ruby or Rails, the subjects of my course. The question, then: This course looks cool, but is it worth it?

As the instructor for the course in question, I’m aware of my personal leanings. That said, I understand the substantial financial, temporal, and even psychological costs involved. I expect to answer this question often, so I put some thought into my response.

My first course starts in a couple of weeks (last I checked, seats were still available). So I put together an answer having never taught the course before. I’m interested to see if and how my answer changes. I present my current response here for anyone that’s interested in General Assembly and is faced with a similar choice. But if you’re looking for more information, please contact me! I’m always happy to chat.